Our goal is to create as much public awareness about the dangers of ionization "smoke" alarms as possible and bring an end to the sale and use of dangerous and often deadly ionization alarms for all habitable structures in the U.S. and Worldwide. We hope to accomplish this via a proposed International Protocol , similar to the Montreal Protocol of 1989 which placed a ban on CFC's that caused a massive hole in the ozone layer. We are currently seeking guidance from United Nations & World Health Organization officials and participants of the Montreal Protocol to reach this goal.  Unfortunately after 12 months and several emails to over 30 contacts with the UN and WHO not one reply was made as of yet.

Previous and ongoing efforts to establish
 legislation State by State to mandate use of photoelectric alarms has been successful to a degree in Vermont, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts and Ohio as well as a few city's in California and Queensland Australia, with pending legislation in a few other States. Three European Countries, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Luxembourg have bans on these dangerous devices and  Lithuania, Cypress have 'Not for sale" restrictions on ionization alarms due to the radioactive element used in them.  The 3 countries that have banned them completely have the lowest fire death rates in the world.

In light of the ongoing high fire death and injury rate due to the failure of ionization alarms to warn occupants early enough for safe evacuation, this effort has proven to take far to much time and with the exception of Queensland AU, the legislation excludes older homes from being required to have photoelectric alarms and  no legislation thus far actually ban ionization alarms. This dilemma is due to ionization alarms are still approved by UL and other agencies and still are recommended  by NFPA , UL , IAFC - International Association of Fire Chiefs and many State Fire Marshall's and others within the "Fire Club"  still going along with this ionization fraud cover up.

These organizations, all officially recommend the use of both photoelectric and ionization alarms for best protection on their webpages, yet, ironically and to the detriment of  those they are supposed to be protecting from fire danger, do not enforce this recommendation and even contradict their own recommendation by claiming either type of alarm provides adequate protection. Many fire departments , Red Cross and United Way still donate and install only ionization alarms in lower income housing. The Red Cross rationalizes their donating of ionization alarms with the false claim either type of alarm provides adequate protection despite being aware of all the proof to the contrary. The NFPA and UL are both endorsers of the Red Cross Fire Safety Campaign and despite recommending both types of alarms be used for best protection, knowing the dangers of only using ionization for over 40 years, do nothing to advise the installation of both types of alarms. For this reason and the fact ionization alarms are sold  world wide, we are asking the UN and WHO to enact an Ionization Alarm Protocol to hopefully ban these dangerous devices and establish international law making the sale of ionization alarms for habitable structures a criminal offence.

Senator John Kerry , now U.S. Secretary of State, sent a letter to CPSC in 2008 telling them if these ion alarms don't work " it's a no brainier" they shouldn't be sold and they did nothing about it except send him a "thank you for your letter" reply. Richard Patton who exposed this fraud in 1976, still at 90 years of age, sends letters out to Governors, FBI & Attorney Generals and others asking for a criminal investigation and Dean Dennis who lost his daughter in an off campus dorm fire in which 4 other students lost their lives, recently made 2 presentations before the CPSC, yet no recall / ban of ionization alarms and not even a mandate for warning labels were issued.

See Supporters of Effort 

Despite all the evidence regarding health hazards from smoking tobacco, it took the Government  and Attorney Generals over 50 years to get around to suing the tobacco companies in 1998 for $206 billion, which was spread out over 25 years, yet unlike marijuana which they made illegal in 1930's, they still allowed the product to be sold which kills millions of people every year. All the tobacco companies did was raise the price to $5 - $10 or more a pack, passing the buck to those addicted to cigarettes who are still paying the fine off. The Government makes so much $ off the tax revenues from tobacco sales and then off estate taxes when smokers die from cancer, their motivation for lawsuit, for most part, seems to of been to get the tobacco companies customers to cover some of the cost incurred from medical treatment from all the diseases caused from smoking.

Are the Government agencies as corrupt as the tobacco companies, for allowing this to take place or are the people who choose to smoke knowing the risk to blame ?  The tobacco companies after several lawsuits, did at least eventually provide a clear warning label after many years of hiding how dangerous cigarettes are, unlike the ionization alarm manufactures who have yet to place a warning label on their packaging warning users of smoke inhalation death and possible severe burn injuries from using only ionization alarms. To be clear, in no way do I believe selling toxic hazardous tobacco products are justified just because some people choose to smoke cigarettes, no more than spraying pesticides on food products that have been known to cause cancer. Tobacco kills and injures more people than all other drugs combined and a Government that profits from the tax revenues from the sale of tobacco, in my opinion, is as corrupt as the companies that sell the drug. 

In my opinion the ionization alarm manufactures, UL, NFPA and the government agencies such as the CPSC are more corrupt to a higher degree than tobacco companies and responsible for having done nothing to stop this ionization fraud and conspiracy that has resulted in millions of deaths and injuries world wide over the last 40 + years. Tobacco has killed and injured more people than the use of ionization alarms by far, but users knew the risk, where the users of ionization alarms did not and most consumers still do not despite letters and presentations made to the CPSC and other government officials and news stories over the years. Also, in the U.S. smoke alarms are required by all States Fire and building codes, but due to lower cost of ionization alarms and many builders not aware of the dangers, most install ionization alarms in news homes and homeowners opt to buy the less expensive ion alarms thinking a smoke alarm is a smoke alarm and that it will detect smoldering smoke and protect their families. See DOCUMENTS AND LETTERS TO OFFICIALS


For Best Protection Install Photoelectric Alarm w/ Heat Sensor in Every Room  and Fire Sprinklers if Possible for Very Best Protection

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