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The basic intent of  is to create as much public awareness about fire safety and prevention

and the dangers of ionization alarms that are in most homes and other habitable structures. 

Recently in an effort to bring an end to the dangers of ionization alarms, we have reached out to the United Nations
and World Health Organization in hopes they will join this effort and place a worldwide ban on the sale of these dangerous devices and to force the hand of the CPSC - Consumer Product Safety Commission to place a recall on the 100's of millions of these hazardous devices in use in most homes. Unfortunately like the Red Cross and United Way that were informed about these dangerous devices, WHO contacts have not made any changes to their current Burn Campaign efforts.

Over 5300 signatures for petition to demand the American Red Cross and United Way to stop installing ionization alarms as part of their Fire Safety Campaign. Hundreds of comments from concerned and outraged citizens that have signed the petition were sent to both Red Cross and United Way Presidents and Directors of their Fire Safety Campaign, but after over 12 months they have yet to stop installing these dangerous devices or make a public announcement about the dangers of having ionization alarms in homes.

UPDATE: Over  3 years 10 months ago due to the pressure put upon the Smoke Alarm Manufactures, CPSC, UL and NFPA by the Fire Protection Engineers, Fire Chiefs and supporters of this effort as far back as 1976, a new UL smoldering smoke test was finally voted in to actually add foam cushion smoldering material after decades of having a rigged test with out any  smoldering material in order for ionization alarms to receive approval, which resulted in 100's of 1000's of smoke inhalation deaths and burn injuries. This consumer fraud still continues due to the negligence of the CPSC failure to ban ionization alarms as they should have decades ago and the new smoldering  test has yet to be implemented.  There will also be a up to 10 year grace period, date of battery expiration, before people will need to replace their recently bought ionization alarms which will place many lives at risk for another  decade. Smoke Alarm Safety will continue to push for a ban on these dangerous alarms.



The U.S. fire death and injury rate within homes and other habitable structures is largely in part due to the use of ionization smoke alarms and the inability of the ionization technology to detect smoldering smoke. It is also due to the fire codes that kept affordable fire sprinklers out of homes for over 114 years. 

The smoke alarm manufactures with the help of UL, rigged the smoldering smoke test so no material such as sofa cushions or carpet were included in the test, in order for ionization alarms to receive UL seal of approval. The manufactures with the help of the NFPA, then falsely advertised ionization alarms as smoke detectors for over 50 years when in fact they do not detect smoldering smoke, but do detect Particles of Combustion, the condition which can take smoldering smoke 30 to 60 minutes or more to reach the temperature at which combustion takes place but less than 30 seconds in the kitchen when toast or other food is over cooked. This long delay at which ionization alarms give warning has caused a multitude of  deaths and severe burn injures worldwide due to smoke inhalation or occupants being trapped by thick smoke and flames.

More people every year in the U.S. and worldwide are killed or are injured from smoke inhalation than from contact with flames 

The U.S. ranks 133 (.75 fire deaths per 100,000 ) out of 172 countries and almost twice the 3 countries combined that have banned ionization alarms due to the radio active content used in 
them. Luxembourg ranks lowest at 172 ( .10 fire deaths per 100,000 ) Netherlands ranks 170 ( .14 deaths per 100,000) and Switzerland ranks 169 ( .17 per 100,000)  See News Videos & Statistics  page.

To put this in context, the annual losses from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters combined in the United States average just a fraction of those from fires.” ‘Fire in the United States’, 13th Edition, Federal Emergency Management Agency Page 1, Oct 2004

From 1896 to the present, the fire insurance companies that established the NFPA - National Fire Protection Association to write the fire codes, have contributed to the loss of more lives than all natural disasters combined. They did so for over 114 years by keeping fire sprinkler systems out of homes by making code requirements that were not affordable for the average homeowner and not required.  

Under Writers Laboratories ( UL ) , in the 1970's,  fraudulently rigged the smoldering smoke test standard #217 so ionization alarms could pass this test phase and be given UL Seal of Approval. Manufactures then flooded the market with these less expensive to make, dangerous and inefficient alarms. The result, over 250,000 victims in U.S. alone and millions worldwide over last 50 + years. 

Please sign petition below and help spread the word about the dangers of carbon monoxide leaks in cars that also kill people. Its a good idea to have a CO alarm in cars, especially older vehicles.

UPDATE: Petition below has reached its 12 month mark and has been closed by You can still read the petition and comments made as well as the updates sent to the over 5300 supporters who signed. Thanks for your support !!

Please help stop preventable fire deaths and injuries that endanger families and pets all over the world! Please click link and  Sign and share petition to help bring an end to these dangerous and often deadly ionization smoke alarms.Please help spread the word to as many friends, relatives and contacts as possible via FB, email and word of mouth .

Thank you for your support! has formed a new company Smoke Fire Protection Technologies.

New advances in the smoke alarm detection and fire extinguishing equipment for habitable structures and monitoring and fighting wildfires has been  taking place over recent years which will eventually save millions of lives and prevent fire damage to millions of properties over time saving billions of dollars in property damage  and lost income for businesses.

Through this new company we aim to bring the newest and most advanced smoke & fire detection / fire fighting extinguishing drones into as many homes and other habitable structures as quickly as possible via partnerships and licencing agreements with the top drone, smoke alarm and fire technology companies . 

For your family safety sake click  Fire Safety Tips link to watch dryer fire video and other fire safety videos 

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The short news video to the left  and videos and info on the fire safety tips page  provide very  important information to protect your family from the dangers of smoke & fire.  Taking the time to watch these videos will make the difference of surviving a smoldering smoke condition or flaming fire.

We hope to gain support of  U.S. Senate and Congress soon to ban ionization alarms and mandate photoelectric alarms as is currently taking place in Australia. Smoke alarm inquiry: Keith Golinski, who lost 3 granddaughters and daughter-in-law in house fire, calls for mandatory photoelectric alarms.  

UPDATE : As of January 2017 Queensland Australia legislation requires photoelectric alarms in all dwellings due in part to the above effort and that of The Logan House Fire Support Network and The World Fire Safety Foundation.

Only 5 U.S. States have photoelectric smoke alarm mandates so far but even those States have not banned ion alarms and there are loop holes excluding older homes.  3 European Countries have banned them and 2 Countries have sales restrictions due to ionization alarms having radioactive element in them which leaves billions of people in 45 States and majority in the 5 States with legislation with older home exclusion and 192 countries still at risk.

 Please join our effort  to ban these dangerous and often deadly  devices. Thanks for your Support !

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