The story below happens all to often and the fire deaths likely would of happened whether parents / grandmother were home or not as these children likely died from smoke inhalation in their sleep as the grandmother likely would have, if like most people had dangerous ionization alarms in their homes, apartments or condos that do not activate in time for safe evacuation in thick smoldering smoke. All to often the batteries are disconnected in ioniztion alarms due to people growing tired of hearing the alarm when cooking which this type of alarm is prone to do despite not making a sound in thick smoldering smoke.

3/10/2018 Eastpointe —

Three children died in a fire in Eastpointe early Saturday morning, authorities said. 
The incident occurred around 5 a.m. Saturday on the 15000 block of Juliana Avenue, near East Eight Mile Road and Gratiot. 
Three children, ages 4, 8 and 9, were in the home alone when the fire started, said Eric Keiser, acting public safety director of Eastpointe Police Department. 
While they have not determined the cause of the fire, Keiser said the home didn’t have
working smoke detectors. 

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The Project Breathe™ Program goal is simple: To ensure that every fire department and rescue unit is equipped with life-saving pet oxygen masks. So far, Invisible Fence has donated more than 10,000 masks to fire stations throughout the U.S. and Canada. But we need your help to reach more. Each kit includes a small, medium, and large mask; fire departments are eligible to receive one kit per station.
So far, the program has saved an estimated 10,000 pets from fires and smoke inhalation.
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Ionization alarms that are in most homes have activation issues in smoldering smoke conditions exposing your family and pets to  dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and toxic fumes especially when sleeping!  

 All unmonitored smoke alarms will not provide adequate smoke / fire protection as these devices will not dial out to a monitoring station that will alert local fire department. Even those that have more expensive NEST self monitored smoke alarms that DO NOT call fire department in the event of smoke & fire, can experience missed calls or delays for the fire alert message to your cell phone due to internet / wifi  interruptions, power outages, cell phone issues such as dead battery, misplaced, broken or lost phone etc.  believes SAM - Smoke Alarm Monitoring offers the best most affordable 24/7/365  monitoring plan available. SAM offers interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms with cellular auto dialing modules built into each alarm with 10 year enclosed lithium batteries which eliminates service interruptions from power outages, internet connection problems, cell phone issues and batteries being removed from alarm. Click the link below and recieve 50% off on your 1st alarm when you enter coupon code alarmsafety1  ​​ 

Additional alarms are only $75 which is $44 less than the price of a NEST self monitored smoke alarm that sells for $119. Better yet you will never have to buy another smoke alarm ever again as SAM alarms have a life time replacement guarantee so after the 10 year expiration date SAM will send you a new alarm as long as you keep the SAM monitoring plan active. 

​​NEST makes a good alarm but there are major differences when it comes to your family & pets safety between the two. When you compare NEST wifi and SAM cellular technologies, SAM alarms clearly offer superior connectivity and the very best safety in the event of a smoke & fire emergency when it comes to alerting you and the fire department in the event of a fire emergency! 

1) 24/7 U.L. Listed Central Monitoring Station
2) Home Owner's Insurance discount bewteen 5% up to 15% offered by most insurance companies 
3) SMS notification / Direct Call via cellular module / Local Fire Department dispatched if you do not answer call or instruct monitoring station to notify fire department if call is answered and confirm if children and pets are at home or if the alarm was due to over cooking etc and fire depatment is not needed. 
4) Independent cellular connectivity / Battery operated will still call out during power outages / DOES NOT USE WIFI so is not affected by wifi connection issues.
5) No long-term contract / pay month to month / quarterly or yearly
6) Lower cost per alarm / FREE Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Never pay for another smoke alarm with SAM active monitoring plan. 
7) Works right out of the box without needing to sync to wifi connection
8) Easy DIY installation no need for tools or screws - 3M adhesive peel and stick to wall or ceiling 
9) Your pets will be safer when left home alone as the local fire department will be notified how many pets are in your home.
10) Your children will also be safer should they be home alone with fire department on its way in the event of a fire and your cell phone battery dies or you misplace your phone or accidently leave it in your car while shopping etc.
11) Cost of $14.95 monitoring fee less than cost of the lowest prices for DSL, Broadband or Fiberoptic high speed internet /wifi connection needed for NEST. With average 10% discount on homeowners insurance SAM monitored alarms qualify for from most insurures with lifetime replacement after 10 years of monitoring of SAM alarms and then replacing all alarms at no charge vs. paying another $658 for new NEST alarms the savings comes to at least $3000 based on $25 a month internet /wifi connection or far more depending on price paid for internet connetion that ranges from $25 to $145 and when intial lower cost of (6) SAM alarms and (6) NEST alarms are calculated in this example. 

NEST does not offer free replacement after 2 year limited warranty and their alarms do not qualify for the homeowners insurance discount because it is not monitored by a certified monitoring station. With SAM alarms most insurance companies offer a 10% discount on average which covers 60% of the yearly monitoring fee and with a 15% discount some companies offer covers 90% of the fee. (Based on national average of $1083 cost of homeowners insurance and $14.95 a month monitoring plan paid quarterly or yearly) Savings can be substanially more for larger homes where you could actually make $ by having SAM alarms.

If interested in this offer and the peace of mind knowing these alarms will wake your family up in time to evacuate safely and fire rescue will be on their way in the event of a fire emergency, go to the link below and recieve 50% off on your 1st alarm when you enter coupon code alarmsafety1

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For your family & pets safety sake always be prepared in case of a fire by having an escape plan in place !

See Fire Safety Tips & videos here !

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Approximately 500,000 Pets are Directly Affected

 House Fires Each Year

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