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Go solar and save 10's of $1000's on your electric bill over the next 25+ years ! Receive $350 for any referral that has a solar system installed ! Nationwide Sun offers the best prices on solar systems with a 25 year warranty on panels and inverters. Save 100% on electricity and save $25,000 up to $80,000 or more over the next 25+ years with solar depending on Kwh usage per year and cost of electricity charged by current power company. Call your power company for your total Kwh usage and cost of electricity for last 12 months and send those numbers to DFox@nationwidesun.com for a free cost comparison!

Historically PG&E rates have increased an average of 6.5% per year over the last 20 years due to high overhead that costs over $15 billion a year to pay over 23,000 employees and service all the power lines and meter boxes etc. which is why some people with large homes have $600 to $1000 a month electric bills during the summer months.

SOLAR IS THE FUTURE !!! In CA all new homes will be required to have solar starting in 2020 and the Gov has passed new laws to reach the goal of a carbon free grid by 2045 ! Save 30% via federal tax credit on all residential and commercial solar systems installed thru 2019. Tax credit will be reduced to 26% in 2020 then 22% in 2021 and 10% in 2022 after which the credit ends for residential will end with only a 10% credit for commecial system remaining. 

Call or text Dennis Fox @ 916 673 8737 or email  info@smokealarmsafety.org for more info on any and all opportunities and start making a real differnce in peoples lives starting with your own !

Ionization alarms that are in most homes have activation issues in smoldering smoke conditions exposing your family and pets to  dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and toxic fumes especially when sleeping!  

 All unmonitored smoke alarms will not provide adequate smoke / fire protection as these devices will not dial out to a monitoring station that will alert local fire department. 

SAM - Smoke Alarm Monitoring offers the  most affordable 24/7/365  monitoring plan available. SAM offers interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms with cellular auto dialing modules built into each alarm with 10 year enclosed lithium batteries which eliminates service interruptions from power outages, internet connection problems, cell phone issues and batteries being removed from alarm. Click the link below and recieve 50% off on your 1st alarm when you enter coupon code alarmsafety1 @ 

Additional alarms are only $75 which is $44 less than the price of a NEST self monitored smoke alarm that sells for $119. Better yet you will never have to buy another smoke alarm ever again as SAM alarms have a life time replacement guarantee so after the 10 year expiration date SAM will send you a new alarms as long as you keep the SAM monitoring plan active. 

​​NEST makes a very good alarm and possibly the best most advanced technology with their split spectrum sensors that detects both smoke and fast flaming fire and also has a carbon monoxide sensor built into each alarm.  There are major differences however when it comes to your family & pets safety between the two when it comes to the monitoring of the alarms. When you compare NEST wifi and SAM cellular technologies, SAM alarms clearly offer superior connectivity and the very best safety in the event of a smoke & fire emergency when it comes to alerting you and the fire department in the event of a fire emergency! 

SAM Alarms call out via cellular module built into each alarm to a certified monitoring station 24/7 that will alert Local Fire Department. NEST alarms depend on computer / wifi connection that call your cell phone only and can experience missed calls or delays for the fire alert message to your cell phone due to internet / wifi  interruptions, power outages, cell phone issues such as dead battery, misplaced, broken or lost phone etc.   

 OTHER ADVANTAGES - NEST does not offer free replacement after 2 year limited warranty and their alarms do not qualify for the homeowners insurance discount because it is not monitored by a certified monitoring station. With SAM alarms most insurance companies offer a 10% discount on average which covers 60% of the yearly monitoring fee and with a 15% discount some companies offer covers 90% of the fee. (Based on national average of $1083 cost of homeowners insurance and $14.95 a month monitoring plan paid quarterly or yearly) Savings can be substanially more for larger homes where you could actually make $ by having SAM alarms.

If interested in this offer and the peace of mind knowing these alarms will wake your family up in time to evacuate safely and fire rescue will be on their way in the event of a fire emergency, go to the link below and recieve 50% off on your 1st alarm when you enter coupon code alarmsafety1

Sign up now and for each referral you send our way earn $50 per referral that signs up for the SAM monitoring plan when they enter coupon code alarmsafety1  See terms & conditions above to the right under SAM banner. 

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Click link and enter code alarmsafety1 and recieve 50% discount on 1st alarm ordered.

Refer your friends and others  and receive $50 for each referral that signs up for SAM monitoring plan. (terms & conditions apply as stated below) Referrals must enter coupon code alarmsafety1 when ordering. Currently SAM monitoring plan is only available in U.S. States (excluding AK) and all referrals must reside in U.S. to qualify for referral bonus. If you are not a SAM monitored customer your mailing address and referral contact info must be sent to Contact Us before order is placed. Allow 30 days for all referral bonus payments after alarms are received by your referral and monitoring date begins. referral bonus offer made by SmokeAlarmSafety.org only to current SAM customers that have signed up for the SAM monitoring service using code alarmsafety1 only or by non-SAM customers that submit contact info before order is placed for referrals that enter code alarmsafety1 only when signing up for SAM Smoke Alarm Monitoring plan. This referral bonus is offered exclusively by  SmokeAlarmSafety.org an Authorized SAM Dealer. All other referral offers by either SAM or any of their indepenent SAM Dealers, Sub-Dealers or SAM sales reps vary and are seperate and apart from this referral bonus offer. This offer is subject to change at any time and any changes made will be posted here and will automatically void all other previous offers not activated by an order before date and time posted below and be replaced with new referral offer on date and time  last posted. Last update 3/1/2018 12:15 am PST.

Consider going solar and save 10's of $1000 on electricty and help remove CO2 from the atmosphere ! For more info send email to info@smokealarmsafety.org  or
For a free solar cost savings click

WELCOME TO OUR MONITORED SMOKE ALARM STORE  -  NEST Alarms provide the best technology and can be self monitored via cell phone or monitored through a certified monitoring station. Having  monitored smoke alarms can make a big difference when it comes to saving your pets lives if left inside while away from home and getting the fire department to put the fire out before your home burns down. For your family & pets safety sake always be prepared in case of a fire by having an escape plan in place ! See Fire Safety Tips & videos at link above !  To order NEST ALARMS click link !

Help us help pets in crisis!

The Project Breathe™ Program goal is simple: To ensure that every fire department and rescue unit is equipped with life-saving pet oxygen masks. So far, Invisible Fence has donated more than 10,000 masks to fire stations throughout the U.S. and Canada. But we need your help to reach more. Each kit includes a small, medium, and large mask; fire departments are eligible to receive one kit per station.
So far, the program has saved an estimated 10,000 pets from fires and smoke inhalation.
The Project Breathe™ Program thrives by word of mouth. So, we ask that you contact your local fire department to find out if they have these pet-saving kits. If they don’t, please refer them here, so they can check out Project Breathe™ Program and fill out request form.  

Please sign and share this important petition below to help end the over vaccination of our pets that is causing an epidemic of cancerous growths at injection site resulting in auto immune diseases, leg amputations and expensive surgeries to remove the cancerous growths! 

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