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Since exposing this ionization alarm fraud in 1976, Fire Protection Engineer Richard Patton has produced over 1,000 articles and reports. Below are just a handful for those who wish to find the truth about the ionization fraud  that has resulted in an estimated 250,000 fire related deaths and injuries in U.S. alone and likely millions worldwide over the last 40 years.

Mr. Patton has testified before committees of The House of Representatives, The Federal Trade Commission and The Senate. He has been a consultant to The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, The Consumer Product Safety Commission, The National Research Council and many private organizations and is an Advisory Board Member of the World Fire Safety Foundation and has testified as an expert witness in several court cases on behalf of burn victims.

Why are most families inadequately protected from fire?

How did the smoke detector salesmen deceive our fire-fighters in the 1970s?

Why does Underwriters Laboratories, despite decades of being alerted to the problem, still 'certify' ionization smoke alarms?

In Australia why are ionization alarms effectively banned from new commercial buildings?

Why are ionization alarms in the process of being effectively banned from all new Australian homes?

What is our Government's role in this?

In 1896, 120 years ago the fire insurance industry created the National Fire protection Association (NFPA). The NFPA gained the power to create codes that became enforceable laws regulating commerce related to fire. The NFPA profited from fire by allowing profit making businesses assign voting members to the code committees, so that they could develop codes to force the public to buy what they sold. When codes mandated the purchasing and use of the wares a business sold, the fire inspectors “sold” the products by enforcing the codes.

Two years before in 1894 Underwriters Laboratories was created by  an Electrical Engineer by name of  Henry Merrill . In 1893, he was sent to Chicago, Illinois to investigate the World's Fair Palace of Electricity. He was hired by insurers for the World's Columbian Exposition to examine the safety of the electrical wiring in the Palace of Electricity. This experience led him to found Underwriters Laboratories.  

Today the UL has expanded into an organization with 64 laboratory, testing and certification facilities serving customers in 98 countries. It has also evolved from its roots in electrical and fire safety to address broader safety issues, such as hazardous substances, water quality, food safety, performance testing and environmental sustainability.

UL tests and certifies the product or system as being authorized to market the product or system within the American marketplace. I will present evidence confirming that UL has falsified fire tests to help profit making organizations market defective and overpriced devices and systems.

 In the U.S. it is near impossible to sell a high percent of the goods and services in America without meeting the NFPA codes and bearing the UL Logo. The controlled market is estimated at several hundred billion dollars a year. Below is evidence confirming that the NFPA / UL regulatory system has created dishonest marketing schemes to enrich their clients while sacrificing human lives. 

Read these reports, and share this page with everyone you know, so together, we can Stop the Children Burning!

R. M. Patton FPE - CA

"The great bulk of the fire deaths and injuries are due to calculated, planned, deliberate criminal operations within the fire code system of the United States. Yes, Fire Code Corruption is the fundamental cause of nearly all fire deaths."

R.M. Patton FPE


"That the smoke detector was found to be "DEFECTIVELY DESIGNED" and to be the "LEGAL CAUSE" of fire deaths were especially significant findings. It's now official. It’s PROVEN"  R.M. Patton FPE


"There is one basic reason why fire within a home is so deadly. It is because the flaming type fire can grow quietly within one room of a home while occupants elsewhere in the home are unaware of the danger." R.M. Patton FPE


"The deliberate selling of a defective smoke detector with the defects intentionally concealed." R.M. Patton FPE


"How can this be possible ? Are the hundreds of thousands of needlessly lost lives and injuries a result of a conspiracy to deceive or was it bureaucratic bungling? Read this amazing story and YOU be the judge! " R.M. Patton FPE


"...there is something very wrong with selling smoke detectors that don't work, that lull consumers into a false sense of security, and that end up taking the very lives that they were intended to save. If that happens, the people who are responsible should be made to pay."  E.M. Swartz, Trial Lawyer, Swartz & Swartz


"...falsified performance claims and intentionally defective fire tests at Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has been the underlying cause of tens of thousands of fire deaths within the United States."   R.M. Patton FPE


"​The public and most fire department officials believe that the codes created by the National Fire Protection Association and the product testing and UL “certifications” by Underwriters’ Laboratories are intended to improve fire safety within America. In reality, the NFPA/UL team has acted more like a “toll gate” on the road to the U.S. marketplace rather than a humanitarian operation. Instead of reducing the risk of fire the NFPA/UL team has helped maximize the profits derived from fire. It is first necessary to understand  the barriers to safe buildings in order to actually improve the safety."  RM Patton FPE


"It has been proven millions upon millions of times over that – FIRE IS FASTER THAN THE FIRE DEPARTMENT RESPONSE. But the proven methods by which building fires could be promptly and safely controlled BEFORE THE PAID FIREFIGHTERS ARRIVE have been near 100% disallowed. "  RM Patton FPE


"The NFPA/UL market control system is really a criminal operation where human life is routinely sacrificed for greed and money. Fire has become the business, not the enemy."  RM Patton







​In light of all the evidence provided on this website of fraud and negligent homicide, the above video imo, would be a fitting theme song for the NFPA, UL and all ionization manufactures as well as the CPSC and government officials that read the above letters and documents but have not done what needs to be done to protect the public from these dangerous devices. The UL approved and manufactures knowingly sold "smoke" alarms that do not detect smoldering smoke to the majority of unsuspecting consumers worldwide and as a result millions of people have been killed by smoke inhalation or severely burned.  Some people, such as Richard Patton would describe such a crime as evil and murder, but somehow this fraud has been allowed to claim lives and severely burn 100's of 1000's of victims in U.S. alone and likely millions around the world. Sadly, corporations seem to get a slap on the wrist and when prosecuted and or sued, the penalty never seems to fit the crime and seldom do the guilty ever go to jail for their crimes.  

How long will this fraud and negligent homicide / evil and murder continue ? How far will we go to accomplish this goal to Ban Ionization Alarms ? Mr. Patton has devoted 40 years of his career and Adrian Butler and Karl Westwell Co-Founders of the World Fire Safety Foundation have joined this fight over last 16 years and several Fire Chiefs and fire safety experts also. See Supporters of Effort . Having had some victories here in U.S. since 2009 and more recently legislation to ban ionization alarms in Queensland Australia, the battle is far from over with approximately 95% of the worlds population still at risk, either with these dangerous ionization alarms in their homes or having no smoke alarm at all.

It seems to me if the U.S. Government would stop wasting billions of dollars every year on pork barrel spending this problem could be solved here in U.S. and lower income housing would have the smoke alarms that actually detect smoldering smoke saving medical and medicare hundreds of millions spent to treat burn victims every year. According to The 2016 Congressional Pig Book exposes 123 earmarks in FY 2016, an increase of 17.1 percent from the 105 in FY 2015. The cost of earmarks in FY 2016 is $5.1 billion, an increase of 21.4 percent from the $4.2 billion in FY 2015. While the increase in cost over one year is disconcerting, the two-year rise of 88.9 percent over the $2.7 billion in FY 2014 is downright disturbing.

Have you had enough of this kind of fraud and corruption ?  Do you want to help people you know and others to be safe from these dangerous and deadly devices ? Please  CONTACT / JOIN our effort and spread the word to as many people as possible by sending our web link to as many friends and relatives and face book and twitter contacts & friends as possible.