This page was recently added for those like myself and many others that were unaware of other frauds that are well hidden from the majority of people that could have adverse effects for your family and friends health.

 Making A Killing: The Psychotropic Drugging of America video is a danger to be aware of that can harm people from the toxic drugs prescribed by psychiatrists that have no test to show that the mental illness actually exists, yet the pharmaceutical  companies are fast tracking these drugs with members of the FDA review panel consisting of  some members of The Psychiatric Society . In many cases these drugs are prescribed to children under the age of 5  for common emotions that Psychiatrists have labeled as mental illnesses with devastating results including death and or suicide from the toxic side effects.

The dangers of toxic vaccine videos to the right reveal vaccinations with Thimerosal containing mercury a neurotoxin and several other toxic chemicals in them that were not even adequately safety tested yet have been given to millions . There has been a controversy over the last 27 years since the vaccine schedule was increased in 1989 and a high spike in Autism and other related mental disorders occurred afterward, climbing from 1 in 10,000  cases of Autism to 1 in 128.

The Cowspiracy videos below reveals the harmful effects to the planet from cutting down rain forest at an alarming rate to make room for cattle and to grow the feed for the cows that are producing massive amounts of methane that is 30 times more potent than Co2. Cowspiracy 2 "What the Health" reveals how a meat / poultry / diary diet is harmful to our health and causing a high rate of heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, dimentia and cancer. Not only is this type diet unhealthy, The American Cancer Society who is funded by the cattle industry advocates a meat diet as does the American Diabetes Association and American Breast Cancer Foundation that are all sponsored by meat / poultry / dairy related corporations. See Cowspiracy 1 & 2 HERE

Below are the trailers of a video series GMOs Revealed which exposes the genetically engineered food that is sprayed with pesticides containing Glyphosate (Roundup) that is proven to be harmful and linked to several health issues such as autism, alzheimers, diabetes and cancer. This chemical glyphosate bypasses the blood brain barrier after it is digested  and accumulates over time. Several European Countries have banned this pesticide and lawsuits have been filed against Monsanto the manufacture of this harmful pesticide yet the FDA and EPA have allowed this dangerous chemical to be sprayed on crops for decades. You can find the complete video series on you tube, keyword search GMOs Revealed.

This vaccine fraud and cover up and risk to the public safety along with the Cowspiracy, GMOs Revealed and Psychotropic Drugging videos all show a pattern of  fraud and corruption by corporations, government and other agencies and health organizations that are supposed to be protecting the public form dangerous products. The evidence contained within these videos was reason enough to include what seems to be these unrelated issues for a smoke alarm / fire safety website. The videos on the this page are just a few of many you can find on youtube regarding these topics. 

I have found these videos to be the best scientific proof that toxic vaccines are dangerous to your family health and absolutely are linked to autism and other mental disorders as well as death, despite the false selective data research reports that were written to hide the truth and ordered by those who profit from the vaccine industry worth billions. The video CDC Whistleblower Revealed to the right tells of a long history of negligence, fraud and cover up by the Public Health Service which is now the CDC - Center For Disease Control that is covering up the link of mercury in vaccines causing the high increase in autism since 1989 when the vaccine schedule was increased. All the videos contain footage from reliable sources such as former researchers, employees turned whistle blowers of the companies / agencies committing the fraud and other Doctors, Attorneys and Victims of the fraud taking place.

Hopefully President Trump  who believes vaccinations have caused the high rate of autism will follow through and appoint Robert F Kennedy Jr. as Chair of the Vaccine Safety Committee as was reported in the news. Mr. Kennedy has been advocating against these toxic vaccines for several years and will surely bring an end to this vaccine fraud and cover up. In the mean time , many more children are at risk and will suffer from adverse effects, even death, from these toxic vaccines. The Pharmaceutical  companies and CDC along with their well paid lobbyist will likely put their propaganda / selective science / cover up into over drive now they see the inevitable exposure to come.

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