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Background of over 40 years in the electrical engineering discipline in building services, industrial control applications and essential services.
Respected in the Australian & New Zealand Fire Industry; conducted numerous industry-training courses, presented and published a number of articles on installation methodologies and detection technology applications. Comprehensive understanding of current fire detection technologies and systems and their application within the regulatory framework in Australia and New Zealand.

 A current member of the FPAA National Technical Advisory Committee (TAC/2) Fire detection and alarm systems and several other 
Fire Safety Committees in Australia.


​Investigative Reporter Bob Segall of WTHR Channel 13 in Indiana conducted the aquarium test after talking with Adrian Butler, co-founder of The World Fire Safety Foundation in Australia. This was one part of a several part series called "Deadly Delay " Bob did on the dangers of ionization alarms which prompted the Indiana fire marshal to create a smoke detector task force consisting of dozens of fire officials from around the state. That task force developed Indiana's newly-announced position on smoke alarms and to also consider proposed changes to the state's building codes that would require smoke alarms with photoelectric technology in newly-constructed homes and apartment buildings. To read all the transcripts of the entire series see ...



The full version of Stop The Children Burning above is well worth the time to watch and by far the best the documentary on this subject. The film was funded by Adrian Butler co-founder of The World Fire Safety Foundation who along with co-founder Karl Westwell,  have been campaigning  since 2000  in Australia & New Zealand to bring an end to the use of  these dangerous ionization alarms. As a result of their efforts and other fire safety organizations and Senators  that have joined them along the way, Queensland AU recently passed legislation requiring photoelectric alarms in dwellings. 

This video not only shows testimonials from survivors of home fires who lost family members due to ionization alarms failure to warn in time for safe evacuation, Richard Patton also explains the importance of all homes needing photoelectric / heat alarms. See 24:38 thru 27:23 minute portion that  potentially will save  your life and our Fire Safety Tips page as well.

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Marc McGinn Ret. Fire Chief of Albany CA. Marc has been spreading the word on the dangers of ionization alarms here in U.S., Australia and New Zealand  for many years. Marc fought to have legislation passed in the City of Albany CA mandating the use of photoelectric alarms which was passed in 2010. For more about Marc McGinn and his effort to ban ionization alarms, click link.

John Desmartseau - Fire Chief & President NEOFPA  North Eastern Ohio Fire Prevention Association

John and several other Fire Chiefs and firefighters in Ohio have been campaigning to create public awareness and pushed to have Statewide legislation in Ohio to mandate use of photoelectric smoke alarms which was recently passed in July 2015. See Good Morning America Investigates Storyin which John conducts a NEOFPA smoke detector test comparison.

​          Use Monitored Interconnected Photoelectric Alarms or Photo / Heat Alarms  For Very Best Protection Install Fire Sprinklers if Possible 


This page is dedicated to the key supporters of the effort to ban ionization alarms worldwide, some of whom have campaigned selflessly to spread the word about the dangers of ionization alarms across the U.S. , Australia, New Zealand and soon worldwide. Many are active and retired Fire Chiefs, Fire Protection Engineers, Building Inspectors and other Public Safety Advisors,  all of whom have been creating public awareness for many years in support of the Crusade Against Fire Deaths which began going on 40 years ago when Fire Protection Engineer Richard Patton 1st exposed the corruption and fraud surrounding ionization "smoke " alarms which do not detect smoldering smoke.

For those visiting this site for the 1st time, listen to what these experts have to say in the videos and find out how important it is to ban ionization alarms worldwide and
join us  in this worthy effort to save 100's of 1000's and eventually millions of people from fire deaths and severe injuries over time and make homes around the world safer for the over 7 billion of people globally. 

A special thanks to Richard Patton for his 60 years of dedication to prevent fire deaths and injuries.  A million thanks to all the Supporters of this effort who have devoted their lives to making other peoples lives safer from the dangers of home fires and to the Fire Chiefs who have risked their lives in 1,000's of home fires and who despite much peer pressure , did the right thing and continue to support this effort .

Jay Fleming - Deputy Fire Chief 
Boston Fire Department, MA.

Jay has been one of Massachusetts biggest supporters of photoelectric smoke alarms and was instrumental in having Statewide legislation passed to mandate use of photoelectric alarms.

In the video above Chief Fleming states that 1/3rd of fire deaths can be prevented by switching to photoelectric smoke alarms.

Jay also is a Committee Member, of U.S. Smoke Alarm Standard: UL 217 and just recently led the charge to pass a vote to include polyurethane cushions to be used in the smoldering smoke stage of UL test. It took over 40 years to include polyurethane foam since UL rigged testing back in the 1970's using dried out pine sticks so ionization alarms would pass the smoldering smoke stage of test. Jay believes ionization alarms will fail the smoldering smoke stage of test using PU foam which will hopefully phase out ionization alarms in U.S. See Aquarium Test below that uses a polyurethane cushion to demonstrate an ion alarm failure to detect smoke.

Richard Patton  - Certified Fire Protection Engineer CA and Author of The American Home is a Fire Trap. Richard has been fighting the corruption within the Fire Safety Industry for 60 years, saving lives of those with sense enough to read and take his advice. His fire safety and prevention advice  has made homes of potentially 10's of millions of people safer over his career. Richard along with Adrian Butler released the must see documentary  below Stop the Children Burning . If I were to list all his other accomplishments here there would not be room on this page for others. See BIO and Credentials 

Russell Ashe - Ret. Fire Captain Barre City VT. Fire & Ambulance Dept. Russell Ashe was the first Fire Captain to fight for and  have Statewide legislation passed  for Vermont mandating use of  photoelectric alarms. For more videos and Russell's story about the fire that changed everything the  links above will reveal why  ionization alarms must be banned worldwide.

​​​Former Senator John Kerry - U.S. Secretary of State

In 2008 then Senator Kerry , wrote a letter following a previous letter sent by Fire Chief Jay Fleming, in which Senator Kerry tells the CPSC - Consumer Product Safety Commission that "This should be a no brainer. If (ionization) smoke detectors are proven to be ineffective, why are they still being used?"

The CPSC did nothing and has yet to place a mandatory recall on these dangerous and often deadly devices despite all the evidence of  deaths and severe injuries due to ionization alarms inability to detect smoldering smoke. The CPSC has the power to mandate a recall and has for many of products with far less deaths and injuries but have been part of this ionization fraud along with NFPA and UL for many years.  See Ban Ionization Alarms page for  what seems to be the only solution to this  conspiracy to commit fraud which continues to kill and injure people on a daily basis.

Dean Dennis - Ret. Teacher Cin. OH Public Schools and  Vice President for Cincinnati Federation of Teachers (CFT) Co-Founder of Fathers For Fire Safety .

In 2003 Dean's family tragically lost their Daughter who was a victim of a dorm fire in which 4 other students lost their lives due to ionization alarms not providing early warning. See his petition which led to 2 presentations before the CPSC - Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In these presentations Dean recommended that the CPSC mandate a recall  of these dangerous devices or at very least mandate sufficient warning labels be placed on all  ionization alarm packaging. To date the CPSC has failed to take action despite their duty  to protect the public from hazardous  products.

Darian Edwards - Fire Captain Colerion Ohio Fire Department.  Captain Edwards is one of several  Fire Chiefs and Captains from Ohio that warns the public of the dangers of ionization alarms and advocates the use of photoelectric smoke alarms.

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